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Join Us And See What Downtown Has To Offer!

Come And Visit Our Local Businesses To Eat, Shop, Play, And Relax

Downtown is the destination where our community springs to life. The Downtown, as a destination, is where we shop, dine, attend local theatre, listen to music, celebrate, host events, give speeches and have parades. It’s both expectant of future achievement and grounded in the knowledge that our Downtown is best expressed as the heart of our community.

Click on the image to download a Map of Downtown Paragould!

MSP Business Directory

Downtown means business! As a commercial district, Main Street Paragould promotes local business. Over 190 businesses are in the Main Street Paragould service area with the vast majority of those businesses being locally owned. Our local business owners live, invest, pay taxes and support the community.

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Downtown Paragould Virtual Tour

Take a walk around Downtown Paragould and see everything downtown to offer. Click the link below to launch the Downtown Paragould Virtual Tour created by our friends at MF Block Insurance. You can explore the streets and even go inside businesses to look around before you stop by for a visit.

View The Downtown Virtual Tour

MSP Photo Gallery

Downtown means fun! With Annual Main Street Paragould Signature Events and Downtown Revitalization Projects there is always something going on to bring people Downtown and better our streetscape. View photos from past events and various projets that Main Street Paragould has done over the years.

View The MSP Photo Gallery
Map of Downtown Paragould - January 2023: Version 3
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