Paragould Trust Company

101 N. Pruett Street -- This bank opened its doors for business in 1905, and since that time it has assumed a commanding position among the genuinely strong, growing and highly successful banking institutions Northeast Arkansas. It has a capital of $50,000.00 and surplus and undivided profits of $27,000.00. It transacts a legitimate banking and trust business in all its branches, also rights all forms of insurance, and a casualty being made of fire and accidental insurance. This institution is equipped with one of the best systems of fire and burglar proof safes and vaults to be found in this section, fire and burglar insurance is carried and every safeguard that would lend additional protection is thrown around depositors’ money. It has also provided in its vaults a number of safety deposit boxes, which are at the disposal of patrons. The fixtures in use are of modern type and the interior presents a metropolitan appearance. The Paragould Trust Company gives generous support to all that is worthy, holds a balancing hand over plungers and speculators, is first to adopt advanced ideas that are practical and at every turn has demonstrated a conservativeness that appeals to people of intelligence and business understanding. The officers are among the successful capitalists and generals of finance of Greene county and the stockholders and directors are men of influence in and firmness. Officers: F. M. Scott, president; Jos. R. Bertig, vice-president; J. A. Edwards, vice-president; J. C. Markham, cashier, and T. H. Lloyd, assistant cashier. Directors: F. M. Scott, A. Bertig, S. Bertig, J. R. Bertig, J. M. Futrell, J. A. Edwards, Griffin Smith, H. C. Couch, J. D. Spencer, H. J. Green and J. C. Markham.